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We provide personal and customised services to ensure you achieve your specific objectives and feel supported every step of the way 

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Business Case Development

We do the heavy lifting of business case development and assist clients secure project approvals with comprehensive, data driven business cases


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Civil Infrastructure & Planning

We help clients meet their objectives and minimise budget wastage with comprehensive advice on planning, procurement and delivery


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Aviation Infrastructure, Planning & Delivery

We help aviation asset owners meet their objectives and manage their budgets with cost and logistically effective advisory services


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Commercial Positioning & Negotiation

We provide comprehensive commercial negotiation frameworks including financial value, profitability, timelines and action plans


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Stakeholder Management

We work on our client's behalf to facilitate feedback from multiple parties, align outcomes and secure stakeholder buy in


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We identify potential strategic risks and provide mitigation strategies to ensure there are no unwelcome surprises



We offer a number of prequalification services and have been appointed to multiple panels


Local Buy Planning, Surveying, Design & Architecture

Local Buy Asset Management Services

Local Buy Business Management & Consulting Services

Local Buy Engineering & Environmental


Olympic and Paralympic Games Overlay Consultancy Services


Local Buy Project Management Services


Balonne Shire Council Specialised Consultancy Service


Wagga Wagga City Council Professional Advisory Services

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